Warning! I'm supporter of Takki & Tsubasa's and Akame's real relationship, which means I support their love for each other. I don't mean it by saying I'm a yaoi fan, Jin and Kazuya are a real couple! If you don't like to read about them being in love with each other, then don't read my blog!


Kame you are strong!

Ganbarre Kame you are stronger than those crazy bitches! Don't give in! Don't believe them they are wrong, you are a great singer and a great dancer and you are such a kind person!
And Jin will always be by your side to protect you! And KAT-TUN is strong!

And there are fans who really support you and who support your infinite love for Jin!

I am proud to be your fan, Kame and I am proud to support you and Jin and your pure love for each other and I am proud to know for myself you are a real couple and I will always put my hands into fire for your good, I really would!

I love you Kazuya and JIn, be strong and you will win!

***Jin and Kazuya are in love!***


KAT-TUN debut day!!!

kkyaa! Today it is the big day, finally! OMG I'm so freaking crazily happy, well the happiest I can be ne. But it lets me forget everything for some moments so yep that's good, ne.

It's still weird knowing our boys now are really a debuted group and all that. But hell it's so freaking cool!
And all my stuff is already shipped so I just need to worry when they'll arrive, god I guess that will give me another shock when I hold the cds and dvds in my hands for real!

I mean yeah I'm listening to the Best of album nonstop already and omg I simply love Butterfly to pieces! That song is so different from what the Johnny's groups usually do. Sugoi yo!

And ya of course I'm celebrating the day! Although my lovely Tanchan and I had to postpone our party to next Tuesday, cause I had to work today T_T, but now I'm back home and hehe yup listeing to KAT-TUN best of and Real Face and eating cakae drinking champagne, well just some very cheap one ne and I'm wearing my Jin Summary costume yay!!!

So let's all celebrate this day, cause we wont have such a day again since now they are debuted.^^;;
KAT-TUN makes it world wide! They already sold over 1 Million copies, kkyaa!! And of course the CD, DVD and album are on No1 in the oricon charts!

I'm going get me some more drinks hehe babi *throws confetti over everyone's heads*

KAT-TUN 32206!!


I know I wanted to post more regularly but when I come home from work I'm so torn out that my English thinking goes out off the window. v_v

Omg so much to talk about! Where to start?
I try to sort this chronological.

KAT-TUN’s first Real Face performance on mste was quite good though I had to say there was space to improve. The dances still looked a bit confuse and Jin’s voice was a bit silent first but he got better within his solo. I’m still not used to see Jin and Ueda do the ero dance together and I bet judging from Ueda’s expression he is so not fitting this position. ^^
And I was surprised that Jin only said one sentence in their talk and Maru had the most talk this time.

HEY!HEY!HEY! @2006.03.13
God I love that show, Downtown is so hilarious! And finally seeing KAT-TUN as guests in that show is the best ever!

And the talk was so funny though they were asked again about how they got into JE, but aaww when Jin meant what a genius person Kame is and he smiled like the sun there. He smiled like crazy all the time. And Kame also talked about the Shuuji to Akira CD and that he didn’t want to do this, because he wanted to debut with KAT-TUN. And Jin admitted that he felt so left behind and he was so disappointed about that, but Kame meant that he didn’t want to do it and all. And Jin smiled so happy.
Then another funny thing was Hamachan’s comment about Koki unusual Johnny-style hair! ^^;;; Poor Koki he gets teased about his hair al the time either by Jin or Maru or Kame. Lol*

Then their performance was pretty good though they didn’t sing live like they did on mste.

Music Station live broadcasting Tokyo Dome

OMG it’s for real now they are a real serious band now! OMG it’s so fucking great to think about it knowing, "Yeah guys you made it world wide now!"
The best Real Face performance so far and holy crap what the heck did Tatchan drink before the concert? He was like bouncing around and extremely hyper. And Jin smiled like mad looking at his hot boyfriend all the time.
From what I read the concert must have been extremely good and Jin was in best mood smiling so happily. Yeah no wonder, now that they are debuted, ok it’s not the 22nd March yet, but since their debut concert was yesterday I say they are debuted now no one can forbid who he loves and with whom he is together.
But there are some things which made me a bit sad, or well more I was pretty surprised at how far the audience sat. The whole field was free and the centre stage looked a bit small in the huge round. I don’t think you could see them if you did not use binoculars or watched them on the screens. But then again it’s highly understandable from what did happen in the past two months so well for once Jin did not have to fear crazy bitches would grab his takoyakis and they could run around free and didn’t have to fear accidents.

So well I hope they will make a DVD of this concert, but I’m pretty sure they will, like there is a DVD of Takki and Tsubasa’s debut con as well.

Best of KAT-TUN album review

Yeah I got it already almost fife days before the release and omfg I just have to talk about it! Listening to it on non-stop repeat now.
Hearing She said in CD quality now without any fan girls screaming is so cool god I love that song! Then yay they did use the second version of Never again for the CD. Then omg Koki is singing for once! And kya I love his voice so much, he should sing much more than only do the rap! Rhodesia sounds different now it’s way more hard rock stylish, sugoi yo! And omg I’m freaking about how fucking great Jin’s voice sounds on the CD! I mean sure he has the best voice, but now having clear songs and nicely edited to set his real range of captivity into spotlight is simply fugging awesome!
Speaking of him I love Butterfly!!! The song he and Ueda did together and omg I thought it would be a ballade but oh no, it’s not! It’s the heaviest song of all, it’s even close to Gackt’s hard rock songs!! I’m completely hooked on it already. lol*
Not to fo0rget Gold! But to be honest I have to admit it somehow lost a bit of its original hotness without the screaming. Maybe those feedbacks from the fans was it that made the song so great cause you knew where Jin did his lip action thing and such.
Maybe I have to listen to it several times before I get used to it this way.
Well then of course Precious one is wonderful and Kame’s and Junno’s duet is nice as well though I prefer the heavier songs of course.

Oh and to conclude this entry just a brief review about the single. I’m listening to Real Face instrumental version now and hehe I really like the song now though yep you can clearly hear that Tak Matsumoto did compose the song. And Gloria well it’s just not so catchy, ne. Nice but not like a wow song.
Ok guess that’s all for now Have to listen to the songs again.^^

***Jin and Kazuya are in love!***


Real Face PV preveiw

Yes I saw it! The preview for KAT-TUN's very first PV! kkyaa and holy crap it's soo cool so stylish! omg love it It's more Johnny's unlike as I thought. To be honest I feared it could be NewS PV alike, sorry NewS but their PVs were erm kinda poppish.^^
The dance is very sexy as anticipated and omg Jin's rubbing his thumb over his underlip is soo hot! Ueda plays guitar, yay.
But for now I wont talk about the whole set in detail, cause I want to wait until I saw the complete PV. But the fact that they showed the preview means it'll be most likely on air before March 22nd hopefully. Oh god please start airing it now or at least after mste on Friday I can't wait any longer.
I was so confused and thought next week will be their debut, but then I realized it's still two more weeks to go. T_T
Then my KAT-TUN related item I bought arrived today!!! kkyaa omg it's soo cool, seriously I drooled nonstop over it. Oh and nope can't tell now, cause that would ruin Tanchan's surprise, ne. But omg I'm so happy that I bought it. LOL*

What else? hm I'm so fed off this fucking wheather! It's ice cold the wind is even colder, it rains or snows, it's frigging cold I hate it! I want spring now, I hate winter, I hate the cold wheather, I hate icy wind, ggrrr. I'm taking antibiotics again, cause I'm still sick. V_V How long do I suffer with this? Since November, yo! It's fugging pissing me off. And those medicine is causing me having a constant headache, great what else? arg and soon it'll be spring and I'll get my yearly hay fever with running nose and hurting eyes. Fucking shit!

And one more annoying thing is the vocalist of my favorite band has left the group after over 15 years of successful work! Why oh why and I so hoped I could go to a concert this year and I wonder who could ever replace her, cause her voice was unique and remarkable. Seems she now wants to develope in her solo carreer as a classical opera singer I guess.
What makes me sad is that they didn't just splitt up in good, but that there seemed to be quarrals and fights and now her name is already removed from the official homepage. Sad, so sad, why do people have to end such great times with huge fights and stuff.
Anyways I better shut up now or else I'll go on ranting forever. ^^;;

***Jin and Kazuya are in love!***


Real Face

I love rekomen! I love rekomen! I love rekomen!!!
Because Hina and Yoko played KAT-TUN debut song Real Face for the first time! And it was the full version! kkkyaa omgomg I totally love the song, Jin's solo part is soo fugging good and akame duet! kkya
And wahh I could record it! omgomg I'm so excited now and listen to it now.
Oh and haa because I'm so very lovely kind here is the mp3 record, bitrate is 320K/Bits.

Dozou oh and if I see you posting this elsewhere I'm gonna kill you!
Enjoy ne!

There were severaly more concerts added to their debut tour, sugoi yo! Seems so mny people want to see them, ne. Plus KAT-TUn will perform Real Face on mste next week 10th March and on the 17th march Music Station will broadcast a life sequence directly from Tokyo Dome concert!

***Jin and Kazuya are in love!***

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